Days of hunting

At the Grande Garenne estate you will be able to choose your preferred type of hunting – with beaters, stalking, from a hide, or using a bow – for all kinds of game, both large (red deer stags, boar, red deer hinds, fallow deer, mountain sheep).

You will appreciate the impeccable organisation of the drives, the skill of the tracker teams, transport to your shooting station.

Come and live your passion in the estate’s 600 hectares, and discover small game as well as exceptional large game (red deer, boar, fallow deer, and mountain sheep).

When it’s time for dinner, welcome to our large dining room, with its rustic furniture and convivial atmosphere. You will appreciate taking your meals by the large fireplace, and the broad bay windows.

Annual hunting closure from April to early September.

Large game

Wild boar hunt

Group day (less than 10 people)

- 8 animals less than 50 kg (full weighing)

- 4 800€ per group*

Group day (from 18 to 22 people)

- 17 animals less than 50 kg (full weighing) + 1 big male

- 420€/people*

*breakfast and lunch included; drinks not included

8:30 a.m.: welcome at the Courtivron Estate (breakfast, formalities, rules)

9:30 a.m.: safety instructions

10 a.m.: start of continuous hunting

4:30 p.m.: end of hunting

5:30 p.m.: presentation of hunting board

6:30 p.m.: meal

Look-out and approach

Morning or evening with a rifle

- 300€ per person (if the animal is killed, 300€ off)

- Any animal wounded not found will be billed (guard estimate)

Male wild boar

- Slaughter fee of 850€ plus 8€ per millimeter excluding jaws (the first centimeter is offered)


- 10/12 horns 2 400€

- 14/16 horns 3 300€

- 18/20 horns 4 600€

- 20 horns or more, please ask

Mouflons (average of the two horn lengths in cm)

- 60-69 cm 1 400€

- 70-74 cm 1 600€

- 75-79 cm 2 000€

- 80-84 cm 2 300€

- 85-89 cm 2 600€

- 90 cm or more, please ask


- Doe 550€

- Deer 1 500€

The rates do not include breakfast, meals, drinks or accommodation

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